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About Judaism.cc

Judaism.cc is an online encyclopedia of Judaism, covering
Jewish beliefs, denominations, people, news and politics, the torah, the
hebrew bible and other Jewish texts, prayers, language, holidays, history,
law and customs. The website’s purpose is to make freely available a wide
variety of information about Judaism, written from a traditional perspective
in plain English. Since its launch, Judaism.cc’s goal has been to become one
of the world’s largest Jewish content websites. We’ve published over 1,000
articles on Jewish dating, news, beliefs, the Torah, Israel, and more. For
example, we discuss all the various Jewish denominations (Orthodox, Reform,
Conservative, Hasidic, Kabalah, Jews for Jesus, Messianic, etc.). We have
channels describing all the various Jewish holidays, prayers, and hebrew
texts. Judaism.cc’s purpose is to give every Jew the opportunity to discover
their heritage and history.Judaism.cc features include compelling articles
in audio, video and text formats. Judaism.cc also has a channel of the
website devoted to Jewish products and shopping: Bar and Bat Mitzvah
products, Challah, Dreidels, Jewish Books, Jewish Jewelry, Jewish Music,
Judaica, Ketubahs, Kiddush Cups, Kippah, Kittel, Kosher Food, Kosher
Restaurant, Kugel, Menorah, Mezuzahs, Seder Plates, Sefer Torah, Shofars,
Tallit, Tefillin, Torah, Tzedakah Boxes, Tzitrit, and Yarmulkes.